22 - 08 - 2019





primi sui motori con e-max

Con un nuovo update, Assetto Corsa si aggiorna alla versione 1.1.5.

L'aggiornamento, che include alcune piccole migliorie a diverse auto, può come al solito essere effettuato tramite Steam. Qui il changelog completo:

– Changed BMW M235i Racing fuel tank capacity to 85l
– Changed graphical size of front tyres of Lotus Evora S
– fixed difficulty level on Special Events
– weather light normalization
– Updated FMod to 1.05.14 – probably you need to rebuild your banks
– New Fmod SDK project, please read the provided txt in the project folder
– New LaFerrari sound set
– Improved stereo image
– Fixed sound displacement for 4.1 speakers configuration
– Fixed abnormal pan settings for 458 Italia samples
– Corrected typos on LaFerrari tyres and adjustments on vehicle balance
– Corrected typos on Nissan GT-R GT3 tyres
– Added dampers settings on BMW M235iRacing and Alfa Romeo 155 Ti V6
– Adjusted McLaren F1 GTR bonnet camera inclination
– McLaren P1 now has an active aero brake rear wing as per McLaren latest software update.
– Fixed rear left brake caliper on BMW M3 E92
– Fixed center rear mirror on Lotus Evora S
– BMW 1M lights fixed
– Fixed setup toe alignement bugs for Lotus Elise SC S1,S2

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