21 - 07 - 2019





primi sui motori con e-max

Signore e signori, la patch 1.0, denominata Release Candidate, è ufficialmente scaricabile su Steam. 


- Assetto Corsa is now feature complete
- General bugfixing and performance optimizations 
- Visual damages enabled 
- Aero damage implemented for all cars 
- Engine damage implemented for all cars 
- Suspension damage implemented for all cars 
- Tyre Damage System 
- Pit stop implemented for online races 
- Multiplayer improvements 
- New audio engine implemented 
- New post processing effects enabled, heat shimmering, god rays etc 
- New car : Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde model 2013 
- New car : Ferrari 458 GT2 
- New car : Ferrari LaFerrari 
- New car : Lotus 2 Eleven GT4 
- New car : Lotus Evora GTE Carbon 
- New car : Lotus Exige S 
- New car : Lotus Exige V6 CUP 
- New car : Mercedes AMG SLS GT3 
- New car : Shelby Cobra 427SC 
- New track : Silverstone National 
- New track : Spa Francorchamps 
- New track : Trento Bondone hillclimb 
- Audio sample improvements and volume balancing 
- Added track reverb zones 
- Fixed Traction Control always engaged in particular conditions 
- TC and ABS factory settings now work properly 
- Tuned distance filter and attenuation for exterior sounds 
- Balanced performances for GT2/GT3 cars 
- Lotus 49, Lotus 98T, Ferrari 312T have lower default rev limiters. Can go over 100% but damage may occur on higher revs 
- Improvements on digital instruments cockpits for various cars 
- Added track sound reverb 
- Added different sounds for car to car, car to objects and car to track collisions 
- Improvements on automatic gearbox on various cars 
- All the tracks have been improved and updated with collidable objects 
- Overall interior samples volume correction and balance 
- Overall exterior samples volume correction 
- Tuned wind and tyre rolling volumes and curves 
- Tuned kerb pitch and volume according with speed 
- Tuned ambience(crowd) volume 
- Tuned interior and exterior gearshift sounds 
- Steer animations for Ferrari 458 S3 
- Small fix on the front Pagani Zonda R tyres 
- LOD4 implemented to increase framerate performances 
- Drivetrain damage for cars with H shifter gearboxes. 
- Traction control sound now works for all cars 
- Showroom bugfixing and improvements 
- Added tyre blankets under realism tab. The setting is global for all cars and pre heats tyres at 80 C 
- Career now available 
- New 3D driver models 
- BMW Z4 GT3 aero balancing, rear wings stalls more on low values 
- New TCP/UDP server 
- All tyres have graining and blistering enabled 
- All tyres have rim radius 
- Fixed all F1 cameras for all vehicles 
- Fixed all F6 cameras for all vehicles 
- GUI improvements 
- Driver animations improvements 
- Replay now records the current leaderboard 
- Oculus DK2 support 
- Single player Qualify improved 

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