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primi sui motori con e-max

DEM Racing Simulators ha rilasciato due nuovi video del loro nuovissimo volante professionale: il DRS Integrale.

Il volante, che nei video viene messo alla prova sia su Project CARS sia su rFactor2, è attualmente in fase di test e dovrebbe essere disponibile al pubblico entro questa primavera.

L'azienda italiana ne ha già rilasciato le specifiche tecniche principali, che vi riportiamo qui insieme ai video.

– 2x 24v 200W high torque contrarotating engines, made in Italy
– 1 reduction stage with large diameter steel gear wheels made in Italy (no belts)
– engines and gear wheels mounted on large diameter bearing
– reducer box ergal made machined from solid mounted on CNC laser cut steel base, fully made in Italy
– 1 encoder with 10000 PPR mounted directly on the steering axis (steering wheel position is not influenced by the presence of the reducer)
– 14 Nm torque (to be confirmed within January)
–  1024 torque levels for each steering direction (with a resolution of 8 grams of force on a 30cm large steering wheel)
– possibility to modify steering wheel’s inertia via software to adapt it to different type of cars
– integrated electronics, with no external components
– Assetto Corsa plugin that gives you the chance to modify the force feedback response as you prefer (we are working to get this on the other main simulation softwares)
– fast customer care service thanks to products available on our national territory
– Windows driver to recognize the peripheral as a force feedback device
– USB connection
– size: 210x270x120(h) mm
– weight: 12 Kg

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