13 - 07 - 2020



primi sui motori con e-max

È apparsa qualche giorno fa sul canale YouTube di Empty Box una interessante recensione di Game Stock Car Extreme, aggiornatosi alla versione 1.25.

Empty Box ha anche riassunto brevemente i principali pro e contro, che vi riportiamo qui insieme alla recensione completa del titolo che, ricordiamo, è stato sviluppato da Reiza Studios sulla base di rFactor.

"The good :
-Great physics across the board with no "wtf this thing is junk" vehicles.
-Forgiving but difficult. My gut feeling : this is what a racing sim should drive like because this is how a car drives.
-Stock Cars are awesome.
-Fantastic circuits, most of which aren't the common "you've driven a billion laps here already" variety.
-Car selection (see below though)
-Looks good (to me)
-AI on proper settings provides a challenging race which makes me push as hard as I would in an online race and doesn't suffer from the "go way slow in that corner" syndrome.
-Modability and tons of addon tracks available, several updated to a higher standard to bring them closer to Reiza's quality versus the standard rFactor conversion.
-Fantastic in the here and now.

The bad :
-No weather (though that is still somewhat of a luxury feature in sim racing, let alone a GOOD weather system)
-Visuals aren't for everyone
-No one outside South America has ever heard of Brazilian Stock Car racing...
-Car selection is too bias towards F1 style cars.
-Track selection doesn't really support F1 cars
-online is pretty much dead outside the club or league setting (though mind you, public servers are almost always messes anyways)
-AI like all AI is dumb on lap 1.
-No automatic steering rotation setting.
-Aging platform means it almost certainly has limited space for improvement though it doesn't necessarily need it right now."

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