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F1 2011: 4° DEV DIARY

The fourth and final F1 2011 developer diary video, video features all new gameplay footage and reveals the all-new Safety Car in action alongside a range of season updates that make the game feel 'completely different.' "Safety car - a lot of people have been asking us for it. We'd always said we'd only do it when it was absolutely right, so now it's available in single player and multiplayer," said Stephen Hood, Chief Games Designer.
"It's the wild card in the pack," added Paul Jeal, Senior Producer. "Maybe you're out in front, maybe you think you're out the points, and then this key event comes in. Can you dive into the pits and get a lap advantage on everyone else? You have to keep the distance to the car in front of you and behind, you need to do the weaving sequences to keep your tyres up to temperature". All of the rule changes from the 2011 FIA FORMULA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™ are included to give players the authentic FORMULA ONE™ experience. KERS -- Kinetic Energy Recovery System -- gives players an acceleration boost to launch out of corners. DRS -- Drag Reduction System -- adds acceleration for overtaking in specified zones around each circuit and the new Pirelli tires affect performance and handling of the cars on track, changing qualifying and racing strategy. "These three things alone make the game feel completely different," added Stephen Hood.

Oltre all'ultimo Dev Diary, vi proponiamo di seguito un video tratto dall''anteprima pubblicata dal sito ufficiale del Mondiale di Formula 1.

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