26 - 08 - 2019





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Il team Eutechnyx ci offre da oggi un nuovo tracciato per il giovane progetto Auto Club Revolution: dopo la pista L.A. River (utilizzata per le scene di Terminator 2) e la mitica Spa-Francorchamps, è infatti disponibile l'altrettanto storica pista inglese di Silverstone. Diventano quindi 3 le piste che si possono utilizzare in questa fase di Beta Testing, che offre anche 15 diverse vetture.

"Silverstone arrives in Auto Club Revolution today! Testers can login right now to download and race the track! Silverstone, the home of British Motorsport, joins custom race track L.A. River and officially licensed Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps as the third track to be added to the beta test since launching at the end of July. We’ve chosen the 2010 Grand Prix Circuit configuration and you can check out the latest screenshots of Silverstone below!
We grabbed a minute with Eutechnyx creative manager Mark Barton who said; “As with all of our licensed race tracks, Silverstone has been constructed with an emphasis on authenticity and attention to detail.” He continues; “Tracks in Auto Club Revolution are built using the highest video game production standards meaning we can deliver an experience over and above what players can normally expect from a free-to-play game.” We’re sending out more keys every day so if you aren’t yet taking part in the Closed Beta don’t worry, you will be able to register and experience Silverstone along with L.A. River and Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps soon!"

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