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primi sui motori con e-max

Image Space Incorporated ha rilasciato ieri per rFactor2 una versione aggiornata della Dallara DW12, la vettura protagonista del campionato IndyCar Series. 

Si tratta di un aggiornamento importante, con diverse modifiche che riguardano sia la fisica sia il comparto grafico. 

A seguire il changelog completo, mentre il download diretto può essere effettuato QUI. 

Physics / Setup
– Fixed fuel tank capacity.
– Fuel tank position corrected (slightly lower and further forward)
– Allowing both compounds during race.
– Added ‘weight jacker’. Garage only at this time.
– Brand new CPM enabled tyres.
– Better undertray points.
– Better fuel estimation.
– Better ride height ranges and defaults.
– Caster range now 4-10 as per real life.
– Accurate suspension geometry that varies between oval / road course.
– Tyre pressure ranges more realistic (as are defaults)
– Updated trackconfigsbase.ini to have proper layout names for Mountain Peak and newer tracks.
– Minor Turbo error correction.
– Aero corrections for both speedway and road courses. (Main change is more accurate and higher downforce for speedway config)
– Recalculated brake system & restricted brake bias range.
– Improved unsprung masses.
– Added wheelbase options, the primary purpose of which is to adjust the weight distribution. 119″ is ideal for speedways, 120″ may be ok for road courses.
– Increased the weight of the car (was ~missing driver weight).
– Slightly more damage sensitive.
– Increased CG height according to new data.
– More accurate default RC toe angles.
– Increase AI’s grip a touch (road course).
– Recalc’ed and more accurate anti-roll bar rates, ranges.
– Fixed small error on front wing range (now goes up to 32° on RC / SC)
– Slight increase in mid-range torque and also fuel consumption, and attempted improvement for fuel estimate.
– Allowing stiffer springs.
– Now using spool differential (locked axle).
– Increase in chassis flex.
– Min brake ducts now have MUCH less cooling, Max similar.
– Brake Duct drag and lift reduced (so penalty is a little lower).
– Steering system updated.
– Opponent sound attenuation increased (so other cars are slightly less audible).
– Steering ratio corrected (default, options not available yet).
– Very slightly less sensitive to turbulent air, Auto-shift tweak (AI)

– Fix so rotation matches in-game.
– Fixed problem with Alternates showing as Primaries at race start
– air intake gap fixed
– hands animation fixed
– new tyre damage texture
– spinner scene fixed
– Fixed tyre compound visibility in spinner.
– Digits on the steering wheel increased to 5
– Digital Yellow message “Yel” aligned
– Graphics : whole model rescale (+2%),
– Front susp arms corrected.
– Mirrored rear wing back logo (#27 #77)
– Various texture fixes 

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