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È stata rilasciata oggi da ISI la versione aggiornata della Brabham BT20, la storica vettura che partecipò al Campionato mondiale di Formula 1 nel 1966 e nel 1967.

La nuova versione, la v1.6, introduce grandi novità, tra le più importanti risaltano l'introduzione delle AI di Jack Brabham e Denny Hulme e diversi miglioramenti sia per il comparto grafico sia sul fronte della fisica.

Riportiamo anche il changelog completo, mentre il download sarà disponibile QUI.


 – Added Jack Brabham and Denny Hulme AI drivers.

– ModelWheelsIncludeAllTireMass’ fix / enhancement.
– Moved to ultra chassis (with Chassis Flex).
– Inertia’s recalculated for total body and for individual parts (such as brake discs, etc).
– Revised suspension geometry from scratch. Pushrod locations are also using the new method and which should give accurate motion ratio’s throughout the entire range of travel of the suspension.
– Dampers and springs revised to match.
– Reduced maximum steering lock so that tyres would not intersect suspension parts.
– Moved over to new steering system.
– Tyres scratch made. The old ones were slightly too wide and rear radius was too low. Also the effect of real road on these old tyres has been reduced the tyres also have a lower wear rate.
– Numerous minor AI correlation tweaks.
– Tweaked undertray locations and added one more point.
– Brake system completely recalculated based on new data (the effective Brake Bias is ‾57% front on default).
– Differential now allows preload adjustments.
– New tyre parameters included for wet weather added.
– Engine life tweaked.
– Minor fixes.

– Using new sound internal / external attenuation variables and scrub individually to tyre sounds.

– Brand new historic driver, completely from scratch.
– Added individual driver faces for a more authentic feel.
– Graphically corrected front rims to 15″, front tyre radius slightly reduced. Tyre widths also slightly adjusted.
– Brake discs corected to 11″ (F/R)
– Steering wheel mapping update
– Shaders update
– Various textures updated
– Holes in the back+under car body fixed
– Minor LOD distance tweaks.
– Included additional liveries by our test team.

– Class name now occupies only 1 entry in vehicle filter list.
– Category now starts at manufacturer to be more consistent with other cars.

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