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primi sui motori con e-max

Dopo alcuni screenshots e video interessanti rilasciati nei giorni scorsi, è ora disponibile per rFactor 2 il nuovo FIA Formula Two Williams JPH1B, uno dei mod più attesi dagli appassionati del titolo ISI.


Per discutere di questo nuovo mod, a breve online anche sui server ufficiali di SimRacingZone.net, vi rimandiamo a questo topic.

- There are 20 AI drivers from F2. Run with 19-20 AI for a full field.
- Markus Pommer (F2 driver) is not simulated due to his sponsor. We will replace the sponsor, and add him, in a later update.
- AI are using statistics and results from the first 12 rounds. Any drivers who participate or get better/worse after round 12, will be added/edited in a later tweak.
- Players may want to run an unaccelerated/unskipped qualifying session (30mins, unlimited/30 laps) at the moment. By allowing the AI to set times, the race will run more realistic (less slow drivers causing bunching) as the grid will be more ordered.
- Overboost is disabled until proper rules are implemented.
- In-car adjustable front wing not yet implemented.
- Some users may experience white LED shift lights.
- Some users who use filtering in their FFB, may want to use more for this car. Later tire tweaks may take away the need to do this.
- We believe wet tyres are too slippery in heavy wet conditions and are waiting on more data.


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