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Kunos Simulazioni fa sapere agli appassionati, attraverso un attesissimo post pubblicato sul gruppo Facebook, che il rilascio di una versione beta di Assetto Corsa su Steam è ormai imminente:

Cari amici e followers, ci siamo quasi, finalmente.
Il sito www.assettocorsa.net è in fase di aggiornamento: fra breve, tutte le informazioni relative al gioco, ai suoi contenuti e caratteristiche, ai requisiti hardware e molto altro, saranno disponibili. Cosa più importante, il rilascio di Assetto Corsa è imminente! A motivo delle problematiche spiegate nei mesi scorsi, abbiamo dovuto rivedere alcune strategie, individuando la soluzione che farà felici gli utenti e darà al team di sviluppo l'opportunità di completare il proprio lavoro in breve tempo e nel modo migliore.
Assetto Corsa sarà disponibile a brevissimo su Steam Early Access a 34,99 Euro (garantendo un risparmio del 22% rispetto al prezzo della versione finale!) e garantirà l'accesso alla versione beta e ai relativi aggiornamenti, oltre ovviamente alla versione finale del gioco.

Inoltre, siamo certi che vi farà piacere sapere che abbiamo deciso di includere nella versione standard di Assetto Corsa, senza alcun costo aggiuntivo, anche il leggendario circuito di SPA-Francorchamps, la Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, la Mercedes-Benz SLS GT3 e la Lotus Evora GTC, per un totale di 16 classi di vetture, 35 auto, 11 circuiti e 3 scenari. A questi, si aggiungeranno nuovi contenuti ufficiali che saranno disponibili nel corso del 2014.

La prima build del gioco includerà la struttura principale del gioco e 11 vetture di 8 classi e tipologie diverse, per garantire fin da subito l'opportunità di godere appieno grafica, sonoro e comportamento dinamico di veicoli molto diversi tra loro. A partire dalla prima release, come parte integrante dell'early access ogni due settimane sarà rilasciato un update che aggiungerà nuovi modelli, circuiti e modalità di guida e di gioco, perfezionando anche i contenuti e le feature già rilasciate. I circuiti e le auto incluse nelle diverse build, salvo bug o difetti non riscontrati precedentemente, saranno resi disponibili ad uno stato di completamento avanzato, per essere successivamente sottoposti ad un processo di finitura per la versione finale del gioco. L'obiettivo è di fornire, fin dalla prima versione di Assetto Corsa, una simulazione divertente e appagante, con auto e circuiti completi e apprezzabili in tutta la loro bellezza.

Durante questo processo, le feature relative a intelligenza artificiale, modello dei danni e multiplayer saranno progressivamente integrate, nei tempi stabiliti, per giungere al rilascio della prima versione completa e ufficiale di Assetto Corsa, che includerà la modalità carriera e diversi contenuti esclusivi.
Signori, scaldate i vostri modem!


Di seguito riportiamo alcune delle auto che saranno presenti in questa prima versione, altre devono essere ancora confermate, mentre non abbiamo per il momento un elenco completo per quanto riguarda i tracciati:

The Tatuus Formula Csai-Abarth chassis FA010 is the definition of the single seater. The car is also used in the Federal Formula drivers school of Italy with headquarters at the Vallelunga track… oh what a coincidence, this is where our offices stay too, small world! Powered by a compact 1.4l turbocharged engine with almost 200bhp, weights just 525kg including driver… or at least a well fit driver. The aerodynamics are complex and the suspension has double wishbones with pushrod and monoshock layout at the front, and double wishbones with pushrods at the rear. On other words, there is so much to fiddle with the setup and find tenths of lap time with this car, that I’m sure every simracing nerd out there will cry tears of joy!



The BMW M3 E30 is the car that started the ///M legend. The race version, won everything and then some. Considering that it raced in an era where the racing cars where based on close versions of the street cars, that tells a lot about the quality of the street car. Looking at it objectively, it “only” has 238bhp and weights almost 1300kg. The original suspension is old style soft and the geometry is obsolete by today’s standards. So how is it possible that this car still provides enthusiasm with a perfectly neutral handling and pure analogical feedback to the driver?



You get an M3 E92, strip it to the bare metal, tune the engine with race components, create a dedicated racing suspension and if that all wasn’t crazy enough, go berserk with body aerodynamic modifications. What do you get? A prototyped disguised as a BMW named M3 GT2.
The rules as usual ruin all the fun, limiting engine power to just under 500bhp. Combine the relatively low power with the sticky and enormously wide slick tyres, tons of downforce and highly tuned suspension and you might think this car might not be very exciting. Well, Assetto Corsa is very good at simulating street tyres and cars… but boy are you going to get excited with this monster!



The Ferrari 458 Italia takes the supercar concept and raises it to a whole new level. It’s not the staggering performance that the 458 delivers. It’s not the Ferrari aura that makes it seem better than it is, nor the elegant body styling. It’s not even the thunderous sound of the V8 engine screaming at the 9000 rpms limiter. The most important thing is that while everybody was afraid that the impressive amount of electronics would worsen the driving feel, the Maranello engineers managed to hide some matrix cables in the bucket seats and plug them to your brain secretly, every time you drive the car. Otherwise it’s not possible to explain the amount of feedback that this car delivers to its driver.



The M3 E92 is probably the best all around sports-car and the most important and well known BMW sports model.
Plenty of power, refined interior, great handling, plenty of power, space for 4 adults, 8 cylinders, quality materials, plenty of power, active differential, confort, plenty of power, all sorts of electronic aids if needed, beautiful coupé styling, plenty of power and plenty of power… which is fantastic when you want to create lot’s of smoke… going sideways.



The KTM X-Bow R is a street car… and this is where the similarities with other street cars end. You can’t move your seat, you move the pedals instead. It has no stability control, no traction control. Not even ABS. You do get a 2.0l turbocharged engine that delivers 300bhp and the whole car weights under 800kg. Fortunately you also get a state of the art carbon fibber chassis, pushrod suspension at the front and double wishbones at the rear fully adjustable, limited slip differential, semislick tyres and a very sophisticated underbody diffuser that is capable of almost doubling the already impressive numbers of downforce if you lower the adjustable suspension. Don’t get me started about the styling… I mean look at it! On would think such an angry car must be very difficult to drive to the limit… and he would be wrong. It is the perfect toy for trackdaying. Oh yes, it also have a LCD screen that reads “Ready to Race?” when you start the engine.



The Lotus Exige Scura. This is the Lotus Elise "mr.Hyde" alter ego. Comes only in "stealth black" colour and some more optionals like 260bhp tuned engine, stiffer springs, customisable dampers, different alignment, front splitter, a big rear wing, and semislicks tyres. All at the same weight as Dr Jeky...err sorry I mean to say the little Elise. This is a trackday weapon and it goes as angry as it looks. Precise, fast...occasionally nervous.



The Lotus Elise SC. No locked differential. No hydraulic steering assistance. Skinny little front tyres and the rear ones are not much bigger. No wings or other aerodynamic devices. A small 1.8l supercharged engine. Weights just above 900kg. Two seats, a wheel, a manual gearbox and not much more inside. All inside a stylish little body that is smaller than a modern hatchback. The result is an extremely agile sports-car with pure feel, tons of traction and fantastic brakes.
"Simplify, then add lightness."



The Z4 35is is not BMW's most "sporty" model, the suspension is probably too soft, it weights too much and the handling a bit too neutral... on the other hand, it still has 330 bhp at the rear wheels, even more torque than an M3 and a gorgeous styling. If driven properly it can make laptimes on par with those of much more famous sports-cars from other manufacturers. Sorry we didn't simulate loss of power from the air-conditioning, but everything else is there.



The Abarth 500 esseesse might look tiny and cute, but it is great fun on a track.
Sure, you can't expect amazing acceleration from the 1.4 turbo engine, but the handling is great and the turn-in is surprisingly good. It is a tall and short car, so to make it handle like it does, it is equipped with a pretty stiff stock suspension and it reacts very well to the driver's input... but watch out of big kerbs. If you choose semislick tyres, it will go on two wheels faster than you might thought it's possible


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