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La Ignite Game Technologies ha aperto oggi la fase di beta testing pubblico per il nuovo Simraceway, simulatore di guida inedito dedicato esclusivamente al gaming online di cui avevamo anticipato qualche mese fa e del quale ci vengono mostrati finalmente i primi screen-shots che vedono protagonisti la Renault Megane e la pista di Mid Ohio. Le intenzioni degli sviluppatori sono quelle di creare un titolo basato su una fisica proprietaria e realistica (basata sul motore di rFactor), facendo in modo di avere gare online con livelli dei partecipanti bilanciati da un sistema di "punti esperienza", cosi da garantire sempre il massimo divertimento. Il gioco, che vanta anche il supporto di piloti reali come Dan Wheldon (campione Indy 500), è previsto in uscita per l'autunno 2011 e ci offrirà anche numerose licenze ufficiali come Bentley, Bugatti, Saleen e Mitsubishi, mentre i tracciati, realizzati con la tecnica laser scan, saranno un mix di fantasy e stradali. Da nostre informazioni abbastanza attendibile, la Ignite Tecnologies sta lavorando per riprodurre dettagliatamente molti importanti circuiti americani, che verranno rivelati in seguito, e non è escluso che successivamente il team di sviluppo (nel quale sono presenti diversi italiani, tra i quali il grafico Giovanni Culmone) venga impiegato anche per riprodurre alcuni storici circuiti europei. Da segnalare inoltre lo sviluppo di una nuova periferica di guida, che nascerà grazie alla collaborazione fra Simraceway e la SteelSeries, azienda americana specializzata in hardware gaming.

Simraceway Welcomes Dan Wheldon from Simraceway.
Today we officially announced Ignites’ racing game project – “Simraceway”, an online racing game to feature highly realistic cars, precisely recreated tracks and regularly updating features, physics and content. We also announced that Dan Wheldon, the current Indy 500 Champion, will be helping us to develop it.
In today’s earlier announcement, you’ll see we haven’t yet announced all the details, more on the content, licenses and features of the game will come a little later, but we do highlight its core focus, which is to do online racing, really, really well. I wanted to expand a little on what that all means here.
As we see it, there’s still a couple of key challenges to doing online racing really well and the first of those is something that doesn’t really getting spoken about much at all – good player skill matching. For those unfamiliar with this concept, it is, as the name suggests, the ability of a game to read accurately and then match users based upon player skill.
When users jump into an online race we think they are looking for a few things, appealing licensed cars, great challenging tracks (laser scanned, if they’re real world), good anti cheat, ability to play easily with friends, perhaps some fun prizes and of course fair play. However, all of that can be lost if you’re put into a race with someone much better, or worse!, than you – it’s simply not fun or engaging to easily beat or be easily beaten!
We’ve become interested in solving this problem and doing so in a way that doesn’t require users to spend a lot of time unlocking levels or earning licenses that are often woefully below their prevailing skill level. Instead we want to introduce a system that measures and matches players skill, in real time. One that can dynamically and tightly match players with each other to create super close, live, person-to-person racing with a minimum to no fuss.
This is a big and complex a problem to solve and will take us a while to dial in perfectly. However it is a key focus for Simraceway, one we’ve been thinking about for a few years now and have also got some cool new technology coming down the product pipeline.
To help us calibrate the top end of this technology we also are incredibly lucky to be partnering with current Indianapolis 500 Champion, Dan Wheldon. To celebrate this fact we’ve spliced together a little footage of Dan, mainly from his recent 500 victory which you can view above, or over at our VIMEO page.

Dan Wheldon (campione Indy 500) lavora allo sviluppo del nuovo Simraceway

“The core aim of the Simraceway online racing environment is simply to do online, live, multiplayer racing, really, really well,” said Jonathan Haswell, founder of Ignite. “This racing environment will be much less about high detailed visual models and cinematic replays, like most current racing games, and much more about close, hard, door handle to door handle racing with live people who have been well matched by skill level, or against professional drivers like Dan. A critical design realization for us has been that it really doesn’t matter how good, or not, you are, or actually what you’re driving, if you’re battling hard against other real drivers of similar skill level you’re having fun and that’s what we're looking for here.”
Commenting from Mid-Ohio where he’s testing the 2012 IndyCar, Dan Wheldon, current Indianapolis 500 Champion, said of the announcement: “I’ve always enjoyed my time in the simulators and since meeting Jonathan two years ago it was pretty obvious that Ignite was not looking to build just another racing game. So the opportunity to influence Simraceway's physics directly was pretty appealing. Thus far it’s been a fun project to be involved with but I’m really looking forward to getting into the meat of it later this month, when we do the physics model shakedown at Infineon. Of course the real fun will begin when I get to start racing against users live online!”

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