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La società americana di San Francisco, Ignite Game Technologies (proprietaria del sito Racesim Central) ha annunciato di aver ricevuto un corposo investimento da ben 7,5 milioni di dollari, che verranno utilizzati per la creazione di un innovativo simulatore di guida dedicato prettamente al gioco in rete. Per ora non sono noti ulteriori dettagli sulla strada che Ignite Game Technologies seguirà per lo sviluppo del proprio simulatore, a parte il comunicato che potete leggere integralmente di seguito a questa news. Nel frattempo, dirigendovi su http://www.simraceway.com/, potete provare la versione beta che il Team di sviluppo di Simraceway ha rilasciato qualche giorno fa, che permette di provare il simulatore di prossima uscita di cui avevamo accennato già in precendenti news.

Ignite Game Technologies ("Ignite"), an online gaming company focused on
building a new form of auto racing game, today announced it has secured
$7.5 million in Series B financing from private investors. The round, led
by Steve Bellotti and Bill Budinger, follows a successful Series A round
of $3 million in 2010. 

    Since its founding in 2008, Ignite has been exploring ways to improve
"the racing game." The company will use this capital to launch a new live
online auto racing experience that will shake up traditional racing
gameplay. With an emphasis on live online multiplayer gaming, this
interactive and engrossing new experience will be enhanced by a
high-fidelity physics engine and proprietary player skill quantification

    "There are a number of great racing games on the market but the genre as
a whole has seen little real innovation in the past 10 years," said
Jonathan Haswell, CEO of Ignite. "Most titles make year-over-year
incremental changes to visual fidelity and the breadth of cars and tracks
on the disc -- the eye candy. Ignite will offer a fresh take on the
genre, one that rethinks some of the fundamentals and focuses
relentlessly on a core aim of live multiplayer racing."

    According to DFC Intelligence, the online gaming space is exploding and
expected to double from $16 billion today to $30 billion by 2016. Ignite
will tap this growth and turn the tables on the traditional view of auto
racing game development by devoting more processor and bandwidth budget
to highly accurate driving physics and an outstanding online multiplayer

    "The booming online gaming market, which is expected to overtake consoles
this year, is in need of a Silicon Valley company like Ignite to shake up
the racing genre, a staple of the gaming space," said Bill Budinger. "We
think the Ignite project is the solution needed to bring a more engaging
offering to the genre, one that materially increases play time."

    About Ignite Game Technologies
 Ignite Game Technologies is a San
Francisco-based online gaming company focused on building a new form of
auto racing game. It was founded in 2008 by skill quantification experts
Jonathan Haswell and James Synge and is planning to announce its product
in the fall of 2011. To date the company has raised $12.2 million. 

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